Fees and Charges

Buyer Fees

  • HireOnWeb.com does not charge a fee to the Buyers/Employers. HireOnWeb.com only passes on payment processing fee (charged by third party payment processors) on deposit of funds.
  • Note: In case of refund to PayPal the transaction fee charged by PayPal will not be returned as PayPal has stopped returning transaction fee effective from 11 Oct 2019
  • Note: In case of refund to Credit Card the transaction fee charged by Stripe will not be returned as Stripe has stopped returning transaction fee effective from 1 April 2020

Seller Fees

  • HireOnWeb.com will remain free for 1 year till June 2023.  
  • When a Seller/Freelancer withdraws funds from his HireOnWeb.com Wallet, HireOnWeb.com passes on any fee incurred to process the payment (by third party payment processors) as a withdrawal fee (INR 25)
  • To ensure quality proposals, Sellers/Freelancers have an allotment of 20 free proposals per month (Non-premium Account) and they can purchase extra proposals when the free proposals are exhausted.
  • A Seller/Freelancer can pay a “Feature Fee” if he decides to further increase his chances of winning work on HireOnWeb.com. The latest rates for these “Feature Fee” can be found here.

When a user’s monthly proposal limit is exhausted and he does not buy extra proposal credits then he will be charged INR 50 Fee per Proposal Credit whenever his service is purchased.

When the User receives funds in his Bank account, their Financial Institutions may impose a currency conversion charge if they are withdrawing money in their local currency, which should be borne by the User.

Charges paid for add-ons like “FEATURED”, “TOP CONTEST”, “URGENT”, “SEALED” etc are NON-REFUNDABLE charges and they will not be refunded to the user under any circumstances

In case of withdrawals in USD there might be currency exchange fee depending on the current exchange rates.

Offers, Discounts & Credits

  • Zero Fee Offer Users will be paid a maximum of USD 10 under this offer from the fee deducted for the client referred by the user.
  • HOW Cash Credits A maximum of 10% amount of the total payment can be used from HOW Cash Credits during the payment. Users can use full TL Cash credit over one or multiple payments to the freelancers for the work.

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